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movie info: Flight Crew 2016 ‧ Drama/Disaster Film ‧ 2h 20m 7/10 films87 5.1/10 92% liked this film films87 users The crew of a Russian airliner receives a distress signal from a volcanic island and attempts a rescue mission, with disastrous results. Initial release: 21 April 2016 (Russia) Director: Nikolay Lebedev Box office: 27.31 million USD Screenplay: Nikolay Lebedev, Nikolay Kulikov, Aleksey Onishchenko, Yuri Korotkov, Tikhon Kornev Awards: Golden Eagle Award for Best Supporting Actor, MORE Cast View 5+ more Danila Kozlovsky Alexey Guchshin Vladimir Mashkov Leonid Zinchenko Agne Grudyte Alexandra Sergey Shakurov Nikolai Gushchin Katerina Shpitsa Vika