02.Hollywood Dubbed Movies

movie info:My Beloved Bodyguard 2016 ‧ Drama/Crime film ‧ 1h 39m 5.7/10 IMDb 5.9/10 Letterboxd 87% liked this film Google users A retired bodyguard in the early stages of dementia befriends a young girl. When her father's criminal connections place her in danger, the bodyguard calls upon forgotten skills to keep her safe. Initial release: April 2016 (China) Director: Sammo Hung Mandarin: Tè Gōng Yé Yé Cantonese: Dak6 Gung1 Je4 Je2 Languages: English, Standard Mandarin, Russian, Standard Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese Cast View 15+ more Sammo Hung Ding Hu Yue Song Eddie Peng Yu Xing Collin Chou