02.Hollywood Dubbed Movies

movie info:Parker R 2013 ‧ Crime film/Thriller ‧ 1h 58m 6.2/10films87 41%Rotten Tomatoes 1.5/4Roger Ebert 80% liked this movie films87 users Daring, ruthless and meticulous, Parker (Jason Statham) is one of the most successful thieves in the business. But when his latest robbery turns deadly because of a careless crew member, he declines to join crime boss Melander (Michael Chiklis) and his gang for another heist. The crooks turn on Park… MORE Release date: January 25, 2013 (USA) Director: Taylor Hackford Based on: Flashfire; by Donald E. Westlake Box office: 48.5 million USD Story by: Donald E. Westlake